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Tree of 40 Fruit Transformation Certification & Workshops

What Does the Tree of 40 Fruit Certification Provide?

  • Demonstrate your commitment to authentic long term transformation
  • Display certification and give confidence to potential clients & stakeholders
  • Claim spend against annual BBBEE scorecard obligations
  • Join a growing community of certified blue-chip organizations
  • Expert guided Implementation and Change Management of a clear and structured framework
  • Create a safe and enabling environment for people from all backgrounds, cultures, and races
  • Combat discrimination on the basis of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin
Organisations In Certification
What Is A Tree of 40 Fruit Certified Organisations?
  • Implemented Transformation Committee Framework
    Mix of stakeholders Meeting 10 times a year with a 3 Part Mandate
  • Implemented Policies & Procedures Framework
    Anti-Racism & Anti-Discrimination, Recruitment, Enrolment, Exco & Board Transformation Policies
  • Implemented Skills Development Framework
    10 one hour Modules (Presentations & Group Discussions)
  • Implemented Curriculum Enrichment Framework (Schools Only)
    Pilot & full adoption in every class and every grade

Skills Development Framework

A comprehensive  programme delivered over course of a 12 month period. Book the entire course. or book one session from the below for your school or organisation.



Get in touch with us: info@begoodbegreat.co.za

Tree of 40 Fruit Skills Development Framework

The Unity in Diversity, Tree of 40 Fruit Skills Development Framework is a comprehensive programme delivered over course of a 12 month period. The programme is designed to a multitude of issues related to Transformation, Diversity, and Inclusivity.

The focus is on deeply personal and interpersonal engagement and developing a progressive understanding of the themes and specific learning areas. The core intent of the framework is to help participants see and understand the need for concrete, real-world change in the environment in which they inhabit and to give the cognitive and emotional tools they will need in order to implement those changes.

The framework delivers the learning in various formats, including live and digital presentations, gameplay, group discussions and testimonials. Some of the content is original Be Good Be Great material while other content is curated from a variety of sources. The learning is best done in person for maximum engagement but we demonstrated that it can indeed be delivered effectively using remote video technology.

Annual Renewal of Certification
  • Annual Audit to review year on year progress & ensure ongoing implementation
  • Annual refresher skills sessions
  • Skills sessions on core Modules for new employees/pupils

Why Karabo?

Karabo is a truly global citizen, having traveled to and lived in more than 50 countries, and speaks a number of foreign languages, including French and Spanish. He is a world-class communicator, an insightful mentor, and coach, and an audacious strategic thinker.

Karabo has served on the boards of more than twenty organizations and is a highly sought-after speaker, who’s delivered inspiration to many of the biggest corporations in South Africa.

He is the author of the “The Seven Things Every Young Black Entrepreneur Should Know”, published by Penguin Random House.


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